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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "Flirting With Disaster"

This episode is called “Flirting With Disaster.” It is the 26th episode of Season 6 and aired on April 3rd, 1996. We start off at the Beach House. Tara is listening to Kelly’s voicemail greeting over and over again because that’s a creepy thing, I guess. The Doctor drops off Kelly and they kiss as Tara watches and repeats Kelly’s voicemail greeting. That was kind of creepy.

I still love Marc Andreyko’s idea of a graphic novel detailing the misadventures of Kelly Taylor.

Yes! It’s time for another group camping trip with the gang! It’s been quite awhile since we had one of these. This time it’s Steve, Brandon, Joe, Donna, Claire, and Susan. The gang comes across a trio of gals with a flat tire. The guys help them out and tell them where they are headed. They seem to have no problem flirting with these gals in front of their dates.

Meanwhile, Valerie is at Colin’s but Colin is out running errands. Colin’s blind artist dad shows up. We then join Kelly and Tara at the Peach pit. Kelly wants David to accompany Tara on a double date with her and Greg. That’s the doctor’s name. I finally remembered it. Tara and David agree and another great Kelly Taylor idea is put in motion.

The gang arrives at their campsite to discover they are located next to the ladies they met earlier. They ogle them again in front of their long time girlfriends. Men are jerks, am I right? They introduce everyone. Susan, Claire, and Donna have a territory marking conversation with the stranger ladies.

Back at Colin’s his dad is giving Valerie a hard time in a stereotypical bad dad way. Colin arrives. Things are tense.

Back at camp. the lonely ladies are still having trouble putting up their tent because haha three girls can’t put up a tent, am I right? The guys assist them, the girlfriends are pouty.

Tara and Kelly have a frank conversation about when to have sex. Kelly reveals she can’t wait anymore to have sex with Greg. We enter into full Single White Female category as when Kelly goes to the bathroom Tara looks into the mirror and impersonates Kelly saying she can’t wait anymore to have sex with Greg.

It’s night time at camp and the guys discover that the lonely ladies’ tent is missing some poles. The girlfriends are mad and head over to investigate. Yep, there it is, a joke about not being able to “get it up.” Donna, Susan, and Claire each offer the girls a spot in their tents and the guys get to sleep outside. BURN.

At the bowling alley, Tara pulls Greg aside and starts her sabotage by telling him that Kelly told her she thinks her relationship with Greg might adversely affect her sobriety. Greg takes Tara at face value and says he needs to get up early in the morning.

At Colin’s house, Colin’s dad has a bit too much to drink and starts telling his war stories. He and Colin get in a fight.

Back at the Beach House, Greg, having taken rehab patient Tara’s advice to heart tells Kelly they should cool things off. Tara is ecstatic upon hearing this.

Back at camp, the guys are pissed that they had to sleep in a van down by the river. Nice Matt Foley reference. They are seriously mad at the girls for them being mad that they hit on the lonely ladies. OK.

Tara orders flowers for Greg with a note saying they are from Kelly and not to call her anymore. She then does the same for Kelly. Dun dun dun.

Colin and Valerie have a fight about Colin’s dad. Valerie is just the queen of getting in everyone’s business, letting Colin know he should drop whatever issue he has with his dad. Colin thinks his dad has ulterior motives but discovers his dad found out about his legal problems and is just there to help. Dad storms off. Valerie gives a crazy ultimatum to Colin saying if he lets his dad go, she’s going to go too. WHAT. Colin relents and apologizes to his dad, they make up.

Brandon, Steve, and Joe are fishing and the Lonely Ladies drop by. They tell the guys that their girlfriends have met some Lonely Guys of their own back at camp. Brandon and Steve insist this is a trap but eventually give in and decide to head back to camp.

Tara’s plan seems to be working as Greg won’t see Kelly. She confides in Tara about it. She then gets the flowers she thinks are from Greg saying he doesn’t want to see her again. Tara chuckles (!) to herself in victory.

Donna, Claire, and Susan are back at camp cooking dinner as the guys confront them about these mystery guys. They laugh as they admit it was a ruse. They apologize for being so hard on the guys and the guys apologize for flirting and all is right in the world. Credits.

I think this episode was the writers saying the couples are getting stale. In the teen soap opera world I guess happy couples are stale. You need conflict to keep the show interesting. Expect some trouble ahead!

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