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In Case You're Wondering

I am NOT going to comment on the Kevin Smith/Southwest Airlines fiasco since I know it will attract trolls and I fear I will be unable to control myself in responding to them. I'm only posting this because folks have been asking.

So how bout LOST, eh?

posted by | 02/16/10| 12:17:40 pm| Rants and Raves, Kevin Smith|

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Comment from: Brian [Visitor] · http://www.zombieoutlaw.com

I came on very late to the LOST bandwagon. Just started watching last season. The crazy time-jumps made me realize how much of a sci-fi show that it can be at heart, without having to resort to laser guns and constant explosions (not that there’s not a place for those, also). Anyhow, I like the fact that it walks the line between a good, clean action drama, and insane sci-fi/fantasy elements. Hopefully, there will be more time travel before all is said and done!

02/17/10 @ 04:53

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