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WTF of the Day: Insulting Your Target Audience Doesn't Work, People

Two things that were brought to my attention today are PETA's "Save The Whales" campaign, detailed here and the ThinkB4YouSpeak campaign. Les puts it better than I can about how the whole insulting people to try and get them to stop insulting people probably won't work. Not to mention the people they are really trying to change are pretty much not going to respond to any kind of "Hey, don't do that kids!" kind of message. The vast majority of gamers I know don't use those kind of words. So yeah, we're going to be insulted when you generalize us and then insult us in your advertising. Go ahead and make fun of jocks and cheerleaders all you want though.

As far as the Save The Whales thing goes, I shouldn't be surprised by something like this coming from PETA. For a group who claims they are so progressive and accepting and whatever, they sure do like to insult other people. Then they get mad when others insult them. The vicious cycle continues. But hey, what do I know, I'm a lazy gamer whale who has no friends according to these people.

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