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Link of the Day: AudioBoo

Somebody sent me an email the other day asking if I would ever do a podcast again. I was rather honest in my response, saying that I was frankly too lazy. Podcasting is a lot of work if you want to do it well. That's becoming less and less of a fact now, especially with services like AudioBoo. AudioBoo is both a website and an iPhone application. The app lets you record up to five minutes of audio and upload it to the AudioBoo servers straight from your iPhone. You can also listen to the most recent recordings of others straight from your phone. From the site you can actually create a profile (which is necessary to use the iPhone app to record podcasts), follow people whose podcasts you like, and subscribe to automatically generated podcast feeds for individual users, recommended podcasts, or even the entire AudioBoo community.

If you're looking for interesting people to follow on AudioBoo, you should of course start with me. I also recommend webcomic authors Scott Kurtz, Brad Guigar, and Kris Straub. Another great thing about the site is how easy it is to get your recordings out into the world. You can easily have it automatically post your new Boos to Twitter and other social applications. I already mentioned the automatic podcast feeds and iTunes links. Finally, it is easy to embed the audio files themselves anywhere you wish. For example, here is my latest Boo that I recorded while riding The Haunted Mansion last week:

Pretty cool, huh?

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Very cool. App downloaded and I’m signing up now.

08/09/09 @ 14:50

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