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Dave Winer links to some easy instructins to setup an OpenID:

I followed the instructions here to create an OpenID for myself at MyOpenId, and added the magic bits that associate this weblog with that ID

Like Dave, I'm very excited about this as it is a great alternative to services such as Passport and TypeKey which are vendor controlled. I've seen OpenID login options starting to pop up all over the place and hopefully more services will start using it. With domains as cheap as they are and hosting readily available (including here!), this is something available to everyone. Perhaps we need a b2e plugin?

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Comment from: dAniel hAhler [Visitor]   · http://daniel.hahler.de/

There will be a plugin for b2evolution: http://daniel.hahler.de/2007/02/26/openid_for_b2evolution :)

Maybe you could be the first one to leave a comment there using your OpenID.. :)

02/26/07 @ 18:52

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