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I <3 Dole Whip

Klepopotamus » Blog Archive » Quest for Dole Whip Ends With Sweet Delicious Dole Whip

This story comes from The Disney Blog and is quite amusing. First off, for those of you in the dark, Pineapple Dole Whip is a light soft-serve type frozen dessert. It's very tasty and refreshing. It's also very hard to find, pretty much exclusively available in Hawaii and in Adventureland at Disneyland and Disney World. This guy loved Dole Whip so much he found some on e-bay and then bought a Gelato machine to make it with. Man, I love Dole Whip, but not that much.

posted by | 10/23/06| 05:31:37 pm| Linkworthy, Disneyland|

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Comment from: Anthony [Visitor]  

I love Dole Whip too, but omg that man is nuts!

10/24/06 @ 02:49

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