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Good Day

I originally had today off, but my friend Janelle traded me her shift today so I could have Thursday night off to go to the Kevin Smith/Richard Kelly signing event and go see Pirates. I'm very excited for both. Today I worked as a lead at the Downtown Disney Monorail station. It was pretty laid back over there. It hasn't been quite as hot as it was last week so that was good too. After work I met up with Justin and Matt in the park. We went on Pirates in only about 20 minutes, so it appears the lines are finally starting to be under control. We also went on Haunted Mansion to check out the new effect in the Seance room. It's a little difficult to find, but it looks really cool. Then we ate at the French Market and watched the fireworks while we ate. I've seen that show at least 150 times and I still get a kick out of it. I will be sad to see it go in a few months.

Things just kept getting better when I got home to find that the washer and dryer I purchased on BUBBS on Saturday was hooked up and working. I'm almost done with all the laundry I had piled up! Duncan, Chris, Janelle and I all watched Almost Famous since they had never seen it and it's one of my faves. I will now go to sleep a happy guy, ready to handle the throngs of people that will flood Disneyland tomorrow during my 8 hour shift. At least I get holiday pay.

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