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I was wrong....

The lines for Pirates have been insane (3+ hours!) and show no signs of slowing any time soon. Not to mention that since they have the attraction cranked to the max, it's been going down at least a few times a day. If you're not super desperate to see it, my best advice is to wait at least a few weeks, if not until after Labor Day. And if you must go, come when the park opens. They've actually been doing the rope drop ten minutes earlier to allow people to queue up for Pirates. There's also a new addition to the Haunted Mansion seance scene. I haven't seen it yet but I heard it's pretty neat. If it's as good as the new scene in the attic, it should be worth checking out.

posted by | 07/01/06| 04:11:19 am| Disneyland|


Comment from: Brendon [Visitor] · http://www.techfreak.net

Hmm, Thursday night around 9 we got to ride in under 40 minutes, I think.

Where are you usually stationed at the park now?

07/01/06 @ 14:05
Comment from: [Member]   · http://brendoman.com

Yeah, sometimes there are major breaks in the line during Fireworks/Fantasmic times. Or right after it breaks down and people leave the line. I am still at the main entrance, just most of the time I’m in the little office, usually at Disneyland but sometimes at California Adventure. I usually work nights/evenings.

07/02/06 @ 01:34

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