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We survived our Disneyland outing yesterday. Barely. I'm really digging my pretty much new PC. WoW never looked so beautiful. I got Chris sucked into the game and he's trying to catch up to my level so we can quest together. I love how Blizzard has turned WoW players into crack dealers by including a 10-Day guest pass with every copy of the game to give to a friend. That's how I got hooked. "Here, try it out. The first taste is free!" I've got Grad Nite again tomorrow and then I'll be starting my lead training. Hopefully by this time next month I'll be in a new place with Chris and Duncan. I also found out that my brother is coming to visit me for my birthday. I haven't seen the guy in a year, so that should be pretty darn sweet. Hope everyone out there has a happy hump day!

posted by | 05/24/06| 07:54:14 pm| I Love Video Games, I'm a Big Geek, Disneyland|

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