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Podcast Test

I figured out how to get enclosures to work in MT using this cool plugin. So here is the first test file. Yeah, you could just download it manually, but that's not the cool geek way to do it. I'm going to subscribe to our RSS 2.0 Feed in iPodder.net and let it do all the work. Hopefully it will work.

In actual show production news, I'm still trying to figure out how to get multiple inputs to work. For instance, I can record my voice just fine, but not my voice and music. I can record Danny talking on Skype or me talking on Skype, but not both of us. I tried using Silent Bob but the same thing happened. I brought up the volume control and it would only let me select one input at a time. Maybe it's a hardware limitation, and if that's true then I'm out of luck and you'll just have to listen to one person talking at a time. We'll see what can be done.

posted by | 10/06/04| 01:26:42 pm| Podcasting|

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Comment from: honzo [Visitor] · http://honzo.brendoman.com

Fuller is awesome. He was like, I think I will “whipp” something up for this problem.

10/06/04 @ 17:41

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